doug pagitt is next to godliness

he is the michelangelo of the emerging church

there is no man so erudite, so thoughtful, so wise, so tall, and so able to make nanotechnology sound interesting as he.

i highly recommend that you all turn your prayer mats toward minnesota if you want your intercessions to work in future.

or at least you could check the man himself out at


7 responses to “doug pagitt is next to godliness

  1. what you have said is true .
    . . except the part about “so tall”

  2. He looks good in short shorts too

  3. I have hot-tubbed with the guy. Buff. So while I can vouch for his cleanliness, I’m unavailable for comment on his godliness.

    Welcome to the bloge.

  4. PS – you might want to allow anonymous comments. Or people like me have to make up entirely spurious Blogger accounts about movies shaving orifices to say hello 😉

    Any further on the suit hire?

  5. I’m with Kester. Having *ALSO* hot-tubbed with this giant of a man in his birthday suit, and having been blessed with the gift of the giant underwear he left behind, I am also unavailable to comment on either his godliness or his eruditeness. But I can vouch for the size of his shorts.

  6. loosedchains

    As one who left Belfast for Minnesota and now Virginia. May God have mercy on Doug if he ever gets wind of this

  7. welcome to the blogosphere…