will ferrell is having a laugh. but i’m not.

when a movie’s end credits are funnier than the film itself, and when the best scene was missed because you were asleep when it happened, then i guess the film must be ‘talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby’ – a very well shot comedy which forgets that script and plot are not incidental to humour. will ferrell’s a smart guy – but not smart enough to realise when a joke has gone on too long: for frankly, this was one of the most boring films i’ve seen in a long time. to russty, michelle, jared and gina, all i can say is ‘forgive me for asking you to see this with me’. hope we’ll do better next time.

(and if you want to be reminded of ferrell’s ability to really make you laugh, try and get hold of the comilation dvd of his saturday night live stuff. no one does lipton like ferrell)


12 responses to “will ferrell is having a laugh. but i’m not.

  1. hey higs, welcome to blogland! will be thinking of you while quaffing wine with mccleary in the magical festival-filled frolicing city, but i look forward to our tiny tea time… take care, love gail.

  2. So… the title of your blog…. should I be concerned that God is no longer with “us”?

  3. Bout ye my boy. Welcome to cyberland. Looks a great space.

    Keep it goin.

  4. mister tumnus

    hello mister. good to see you here 🙂

  5. The Harbour of Ourselves


    lets talk……..


  6. The Harbour of Ourselves


    lets talk……..


  7. huggsie bear…you’ve not really been on the money with movie recommendations recently have you???

  8. I’m still working through my bitterness, but I suppose that by the end of time (depending of course on your eschatology), I shall find room within my soul to forgive such a horrific transgression.

    Love and miss you my friend.

  9. by the way, go into your settings and allow non-blogger users to comment–I am forced to use an old blogger identity to comment….

  10. gareth higgins

    comment is now FREE on this blog – you don’t have to be a blogger member anymore.

    and jared, i am eternally sorry that we let greg drag us to see that film.

  11. greg Russinger

    Well, look at that, Im too blame for that horrific waste and money and time.. Im thinking of writing a book entitled, “what movies killed my soul”, a journey with gareth higgins…. In November you will need to seek redemption….

  12. Jessica Tankersley

    oh thank goodness I am not the only person in the world who felt this way … but please don’t tell my husband, he just might cry.

    ps. i can’t remember how I came to your blog, trevor debanning I think