easy rider at last

just saw ‘easy rider’ for the first time – yeah, i know that makes me look ridiculous, but there’s a lot of films out there that i wanted to watch first. to be honest, i found it boring and pretentious, with a few nice landscape vistas thrown in to make it a not entirely unpleasant experience.

having said that, this isn’t what some people called ‘amerika’ in 1969, and it’s easy to see how ‘rider’s impact depended on it’s cultural context…rebellion and freedom seen as two sides of a coin etc etc etc. though once you think about the fact that the legacy of the ‘freedoms’ of the 70s turned out to be ronald reagan’s presidency, and the groundwork that it laid for today’s administration, perhaps ‘easy rider’ represented both the beginning and the end of a movement.


3 responses to “easy rider at last

  1. Boring and pretentious? Holy crap! And you kidding me? It’s a cultural artifact – it’s like going on a museum field trip – the imagery! The music!!!
    For god’s sake man, what’s wrong with you…

  2. i think there’s something way special in the exchange betwixt jack nicholson and dennis hopper (At night i think) when they’re talking about the threat that real freedom is or something like that.
    seemed sort of girardian or something.
    glad to be here

  3. Don’t feel bad. I haven’t seen Easy Rider either (brethern up-bringing, remember? It’s my excuse for everything…). Well done for joining the blogosphere… I’m doing the same. See you at G’belt dear friend, love Willow