harvey keitel, osama bin laden, and the ministry of disney

so, abc television’s drama ‘the path to 9/11’ aired last night – i only caught a few minutes of shaky hand-held camerawork so wasn’t sure what to make of it. the film has been criticised for putting the blame on the clinton administration for not being wise to the threat. there’s also an interesting christian missions connection to the film in the form of its director – check out david l cunningham and see what you find if you’re interested.

would love to hear from any of you who have seen it – what’s it like?


3 responses to “harvey keitel, osama bin laden, and the ministry of disney

  1. Hey Gareth!

    I kept wondering who was paying the tab …no commercial breaks. We looked for product endorsements, but realized they were engrandizing ABC news. I know-how cynical. Harvey Kitel plays a passionate guy (FBI, I don’t remember) who is After These Terrorists and finds woman border patrollers and police fascinating. It is the John Wayne genre for post-millinium war-time.
    I’ll check out the name you mentioned

  2. Existential Punk

    David Cunningham, the son of YWAM founder, Loren Cunningham, also directed the WWII film with Keifer Sutherland and Robert Carlysle, “To End All Wars”. Have you seen this film, Gareth? I’d love to know yer thoughts on it. Adele

  3. That shaky camera stuff drives me nuts, but overall it wasn’t a bad film. Great cast. Yes the Clinton administration was portrayed as having dropped the ball, but so was the Bush Administration, and it’s common knowledge that the Clinton adm. DID drop the ball. Little details in the terrorists lives were fascinating;bathing, praying, shopping. I wish I had something more insightful to add…I inundated myself with 911 info these last few days so it’s all bleeding together.