the departed

go see ‘the departed’ – it plays like a compendium of scorsese’s greatest hits, which is not a bad thing when you think about it; apparently he finished it just a week before it was released – and it shows with some rough edges. but with jack nicholson accepting direction from someone other than himself; leo and matt growing up; alec baldwin and mark wahlberg having some salty laughs; and martin sheen playing his first character who feels real since ‘the west wing’. typically cool use of music – especially van the man embodying pink floyd’s ‘comfortably numb’.

it’s also scorsese’s most political film – a post-9/11 cry against the havoc of politics being done out of ‘pure’ self-interest. it’s maybe not as important or smart as is being claimed by some, but i’ve seen it twice and didn’t feel like it was anything other than a rather splendid use of my time.


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  1. the departed is awesome!
    i’ve just jumped on the blogging bandwagon the past couple months and i’m a huge fan of “How Movies Helped Save My Soul” and i find your blog to be a good read. would it be cool with you if i made it a link on i think the similair content and interests would be some great newtworking

  2. I agree, the Departed was a great film, and man what a great use of music every time we see Nicholson we hear a Stones tune. thanks for the review.

  3. Hallo my child ….. I joined brother wills yesterday at Hollywood 27 where we watched the illusionist …. a fairly predictable plot and a twist you can see coming from halfway through. However nicely done and enjoyable with Mr Norton as watchable as ever . I am of course preapring the ground here for your state visit and whipping the people into a frenzy of expectation.

    bless you

  4. So I was wondering who that was playing around with pink floyd. I loved the performances in this film. What a good way to spend a few hours. I think I will go for the second screening as well.

  5. I must say this is the first time I really liked Leo in a film….he played it well….the movie went places I didn’t expect it too….but I did enjoy it

  6. Saw it Saturday nite with a uselessly beautiful Peruvian woman and thought of you. Came home & watched Magnolia & thought of you again. Can’t wait for the firepit dialogues to come.

  7. Its a great film, but not as good as Raging Bull, what I would rate as one the best films of all time, and Martin S’s best.
    Interesting why the mafia and Italian America makes such a good topic. The Sopranos (on TV) is (was) the best drama anywhere fullstop.