live free, or watch die hard

Great helicopters and explosions abound, the witticisms are barbed, and the cinematography is silver-grey in Die Hard 4.0 (or Live Free or Die Hard, depending on which empire you see it in). I was tired to start with, but the film couldn’t wake me up. I vacillated between being bored and horrified, as Bruce Willis yet again stands in for the lone American male whose first resort is always violence (in the first film he was the archetype of a Vietnam War vet, assailed by terrorists on the one hand, and a frustrating civil service bureaucracy on the other; this time he clearly represents the guy who’d go to Iraq just because it’s the right thing to do, even though he knows the government sending him is corrupt)…

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2 responses to “live free, or watch die hard

  1. The Harbour of Ourselves

    seems you just made a whole bunch of new friends……

  2. Blimey Gareth, next time you see a hornet’s nest, don’t poke it with Die Hard 4.0!
    It seems that people have misunderstood your criticisms of this films morality as an indication that you have in your pocket the perfect means of the dissolution of capitalism and an economic system with which to replace it. Where, in actuality, the film and its morality were just terrible.