Questions of the Day


Now that I’ve seen ‘Terminator: Salvation’, some queries occur to me:

If I were a cyborg, why would I donate my heart to someone who has dedicated his life to killing my friends?

If I owned the rights to one of the most interesting mainstream dramatic movie ideas of the past three decades, what could I do to remove all sense of humanity and tension from it?

Is there any chance we might get a movie in which the world is saved without chunky guys shooting people to do it?


One response to “Questions of the Day

  1. *****Spoiler Alert*****

    The whole heart transplant mumbo jumbo at the end is one (of many) of my main gripes with this despicable piece of hack work. Why would Marcus, who is clearly a brilliant asset to the resistance, die to save John Connor who has really nothing to offer except for evening fireside chats over short-wave radio? Some might say, “Well, he’s the only one that can save the humans.” That’s all fine and good if you want to make a Christ parallel, but the movie never explains WHY Conner is so important. A coming of age story showing how and WHY Conner ascends to his status as ‘the one’ would have been a much more effective narrative.