An Ending/A Beginning

Just a brief word as the year winds down for one side of the International Dateline – I’m experiencing the privilege of honeymooning in New Zealand, a summer Christmas has passed by, and I’m with people I love, already near the end of the first day of 2010.  I won’t keep you long as I’m sure you’ve all got parties to go to and people to kiss, but I want to express my sincere gratitude for the conversation on this blog – I’m thankful for your comments, questions, provocations, encouragement and critique.  I hope we can talk more in the year to come.  Before then, I have a wee request that may appeal to some:

Over at The Film Talk, there are mere hours to go in our attempts to keep the show on the air – if you’re a listener, a reader, or a friend, and can spare some cash to keep us afloat, we’d be most grateful…

And whatever is happening with you just now, remember that all things must pass; and my prayer for you would be best summed up by the words of my friend John, who invited us to live ‘as the river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding’.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, look after others, and enjoy the light, wherever it comes from.


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