Soul Telegram

I’m involved in a rather lovely project called Soul Telegram. You can find out more about it here. Please do take a look.


One response to “Soul Telegram

  1. Hi Gareth – Life is odd. We finally settled my late husband’s estate after a grueling, soul-consuming mediation marathon on Monday; yesterday, I recovered (somewhat), and this morning, I awoke thinking about you and the trip to Belfast. If the estate had been settled 3 months ago, I could have gone – and I SO badly wanted to join you. If, if, if… If wishes were horses, we widows would ride them, trying to outpace the future. Alas, they are not, and I am a pedestrian in this life, peripatic, wistful, and wondering whither life will take me now.

    John O’D has carried me through a long and nerve-wracking mourning period; as predicted, I have survived, but not without significant scarring. Without him, I can’t say how I would have fared, and, moreover, I have no desire to know. I look forward to hearing what the July retreat brings you and your fellow soul-wanderers.