Where I’m Speaking/Attending/Travelling

Some events are open to the public, please do get in touch if you’d like more information.

Upcoming Events in 2015:

March 28: Albuquerque, NM: Movies & Meaning preview event; subscribe at http://www.moviesandmeaning.com for information when it’s available.

April 4: Kelowna, BC: Public concert with Dave Wilcox

April 5-7: Kelowna, BC: Retreat with Dave Wilcox

April 24-26: Chicago, event with Raven Foundation

May 28-31: Movies and Meaning Festival, Albuqueque, NM

June 15th-23rd: Ireland Retreat with Brian McLaren

August 2-9th: Glen Workshop West

August 21st-28th: Ireland Retreat and Greenbelt trip with Dave Wilcox

Previous Events


January 2-4: Hot Springs, NC: Retreat with Dave Wilcox and Karen Moore


December 10th-12th: RLC Gathering, Sandy Cove, MD

November 18th: Storytelling event, Seattle, WA Details here.

November 20th: Storytelling event, Pasadena, CA (Use comment form here to request information)

August: St John’s College, Santa Fe, NC: Glen West Workshop – teaching on film and wonder, with Scott Teems

August 22-26: Greenbelt Festival, Kettering, England

August 26-30: Northern Ireland Retreat

July 13-20: Belfast, northern Ireland: Re-telling Your Story Retreat

June 2014 Mt Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA: Glen East Workshop – teaching on film and spirituality

January 1-11: Belfast, northern Ireland


December 10-12: RLC Gathering, Philadelphia, PA

November 19-21: CANA Gathering, Washington, DC

August 8-11: Wild Goose Festival, Hot Springs, NC

February 27: B Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC


August 24th-27th: Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, UK

June 21st-24th: Wild Goose Festival, Shakori Hills, NC


April: Keynote at Reel Spirituality Conference, Pasadena, CA

June 23rd-26th: Wild Goose Festival, Shakori Hills, NC

August: Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, UK


January 22-23: Film & Spirituality Retreat, Los Angeles, CA

April 15-22: Nashville Film Festival

June 22-25: Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland

June 25-27: Solas Festival, Scotland

August 27-30: Greenbelt, Cheltenham, UK

September 9-10: Big Tent Christianity, Raleigh, NC

September 30th-October 3rd:LA Irish Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

October 8th-10th:Wild Goose Festival Planning Weekend, Durham, NC

October 15th: Union Theological Seminary, Unitas Dinner

October 17th: Speaking at Revolution NYC

November 1st-3rd: Emergent Theological Conversation, Atlanta, GA


January 13-16: Peace Gathering, Philadelphia, PA

* February 16 (postponed to Fall 2009 tbc): Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA

* February 22: Oscars LiveBlog Party Belcourt Theatre, Nashville

* February 26 6.30pm: Justice Institute, UBC, Vancouver

* February 26 Lunchtime: Regent College, Vancouver

* February 27: Squamish, British Columbia

*March 20-22: Emerging Church Conference, Albuquerque, NM

* March 27 – Duke University, Durham, NC

*April 2nd-5th: Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham, NC

* April 16th: British Sociological Association Conference, Cardiff, Wales

*April 21st – 23rd: Nashville Film Festival

* June 18th-21st: Celtic Spirituality Retreat, Hartford, CT

* June 23rd-24th: Contemplative Retreat, Nashville, TN

*July 26th (am) All Saints Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills, CA

*July 26th (pm) Risenchurch, Santa Monica, CA

*October 9th-11th: Attending Christianity21, Edina, MN

*October 16th-18th: Covering Escapism Film Festival, Durham, NC

*October 22nd-27th: Nashville, TN

* December 1st – January 17th: New Zealand

* December 8th-10th: Philadelphia, PA Speakers’ Gathering


9 responses to “Where I’m Speaking/Attending/Travelling

  1. I see there is at least one other person who watches films and extracts lessons and moral content just to name a few. Sometimes the message hits you over the head and other times it’s subtle. Like the person looking at a piece of art or reading a poem, everyone comes away with something different. I read your article in Sojourners concerning Clint Eastwood’s new movie in which you said you think Eastwood can be trusted with Mandela. We’ll see what new angle Eastwood finds to tell this story accurately.

  2. Gareth, Hoping you’re speaking at Greenbelt as I’d like to thank you personally for your book, which I’ve just used for part of my MA dissertation.

    • Hi Colin

      Yes, I’m speaking Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Saturday night at 9.30 may interest you. Hope to see you there.

  3. Hi Garreth: was looking to see when you might be up East and saw that you will be in Hartford June 2011 and ws CRUSHED as I am due to be abck in Rwanda April. Got over being crushed when i saw you’d be in Phili for a ” Peace Gathering” Well chuffed. Wondering if you might be willing to tell me a bit more about what the gathering is likely to entail.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Jodie – sorry to say that the events to which you’re referring were last year – so no need to be crushed! I’ll put an updated event schedule up soon.

  4. No Greenbelt this year Gareth?

  5. Great! I’ll look forward to it! No Oscars or A Year at the Movies though?

  6. Also, in the spirit of your top ten normally having an eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth, if Magnolia doesn’t make it in your 7, can you make it your 8th? I’ve heard you love it but I’ve never heard you speak about it. Cheers!

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